The Gobena Difference

Fresh Taste. Fair Trade. Certified Organic. Lives Changed.

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Ethically sourced, Fair Trade Certified, and USDA Organic.

We are proud to partner with Fair Trade USA to ensure coffee farmers are paid a fair wage for their coffee. We work directly with artisan coffee farmers who use sustainable methods to grow truly exceptional coffee. Our selection of organic coffee is USDA Organically Certified by Ecocert SA.

That’s the Gobena Difference.

Freshly Roasted in small batches.

We small batch roast our coffee daily, which guarantees you the freshest, best tasting coffee possible. We never pre-roast. You make your order, we roast your coffee, package it for maximum freshness, and ship it out the same day or the next. Your coffee will arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 days of roasting. You can’t get much fresher than that.

That’s the Gobena Difference.

Quality Coffee.

Our raw coffee beans represent the world’s best. We purchase the top 10% of specialty Arabica green coffee beans available during peak growing seasons around the world. We import our beans directly after the drying process and small batch roast them in our high quality Joper® 15 BPR or Joper® 25 BPR Auto. Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted using precise times and temperatures to bring out the full, unique flavor of the bean.

(Joper® has been manufacturing roasters in Portugal since 1962 and is proud to combine the genuine quality of the European Old World with the most recent technology. Their roasters are known for their cast iron roasting drum, which ensures that the coffee is roasted evenly and with no hotspots. Joper® symbolizes performance, quality, and value, giving roasters, like Gobena, a competitive advantage.)